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Your car is a considerable investment and taking care of the appearance will profoundly impact on its overall value. Whether you intend to sell your vehicle at some point or hold on to it, you will want to let professionals take care of it. If you reside in Central Arkansas and its environs, you are in luck because the Splash Community dedicates themselves to making your car the shiniest vehicle around.

Using DIY methods to clean your car may appear more cost-effective, but it could cost you significantly in the long run. Car wash professionals like the Splash Community understand the distinction between a basic wash and a deep clean. It is, therefore, recommended that you leave this job to the experts.  A detailed cleaning will not only render your vehicle more pleasant to drive, but also maintain that most desired look of a new car.

At the Splash Community, they offer both car wash and detailing services. These are focused on maintaining your ride’s vital components while enhancing its resale value.  It is imperative that you determine the most suitable type of service for your car when you visit a car wash center.

Car Wash

An external car wash is designed for removing the dirt, tar, and salt among other ecological debris clinging to your vehicle’s clear coat. The dedicated team from the Splash Community employs power brushes in eliminating the exterior dust and grime. Your car is subsequently subjected to a thorough wash where a mild cleaning solution is applied. At this point, your vehicle may also get an undercarriage cleaning, wheel cleaning, and application of a protective coat.

You could have your vehicle cleaned and vacuumed at the car wash in approximately fifteen minutes. A hand wash will usually take longer than that. The experts at the Splash Car Wash will advise you to have your car washed at least once per week.  However, you should have it cleaned more often if your vehicle is regularly exposed to the elements.


Auto detailing is essential in enhancing your car’s resale value. Detailing is achieved by minimizing wear and tear from prolonged usage. Vehicle detailing involves washing, waxing, deep cleaning and detailing both the interior and exterior.  This service also includes exterior paint polishing, headlight restoration, waxing, deep cleaning the engine and shampooing the carpets.

It is advisable to take your car to a reputable detail shop like the Splash Community for detailing. Detailing should be done after every six months or even a year, which depends on the degree of degradation on your car. Detailing at the Splash is not just a car wash; these experts pay meticulous attention to the tiniest details of your vehicle’s appearance, leaving it looking as good as new.

Interior Services

Interior detailing at the Splash Community begins with a thorough vacuuming of your upholstery and carpet. These professionals do not leave anything to chance; they will remove and subsequently scrub your floor mats to eliminate stains and any ground-in dirt. Your seats, floors and the entire cloth sections of your car doors go thorough washing and treatment for stains. Skilled technicians clean your steering column, doors, center console, and dashboard. Skilled employees do all of this, in addition to sweeping out even the tiniest crevices on your car’s door frame.

Unlike other untrained individuals that use low-grit compounds and cheap wool buffers that can damage your car, the professionals at the Splash Community know better to avoid such practices. Allowing a professional team to work on your vehicle will leave your car cleaner while maintaining its finish and overall value.