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There is nothing better than going for a ride in a well-cleaned car. The less clutter in a car the fewer distractions a driver will have when on the road to getting wherever it is they need to go. If you haven’t given your car a deep cleansing in awhile it is time to do so at Splash Car Wash.

What Is Splash Car Wash? 

Splash Car Wash is a place you can go to get your car clean and happy from the inside out. The services we offer include:

1. Clean Car Services: There are three clean car services available to you at Splash, and they are:

  • An express car wash you ride right through. It takes less than five minutes and does a deep cleaning with soap and a good rinsing. It will also polish your vehicle if you desire.
  • A detailing service that provides a deep cleaning of your car’s exterior and interior. Our professional detailers will wash and polish the car itself, including the wheels. Next, they will vacuum the carpets and seats, wipe down the glass and dashboard, and deodorize the car if needed.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable with the services mentioned, you can always clean your car yourself in the self-cleaning bays. These bays provide all the tools that are necessary for giving your car a thorough cleaning from the inside out.

2. Detailing: When you have extra time to spare and want your car to be professionally cleaned for personal reasons or because you are trading it in, our detailing service is the one to use. This detailing service offers:

  • A car wash
  • Waxing
  • Tire polishing
  • Carpet and seat vacuuming and cleaning
  • Dashboard and glass wipe down

All this is done by car detailing professionals. This service is excellent if your car needs a makeover so that the trade-in value goes up. After all, no one likes to purchase an unpleasantly dirty car that doesn’t make them feel happy.

3. Maintenance Service: Once the car is all clean, nothing will make it run better and make you feel happier than knowing that it is operating properly. You can do this by having basic maintenance done on the car at Splash’s Express Lube. Maintenance services offered at the lube are:

  • Oil and filter changes
  • Car fluid top-offs
  • Windshield wiper replacement
  • Tired exchanges and rotations
  • Car inspections

Where Are Splash Car Washes Located?

Splash Car Wash has nine locations throughout Arkansas. You can find out if a location is near you by visiting Splash. If you have any questions about the company, call 501-771-1352 or 501-505-8838. To help you feel even happier about choosing Splash for all your car’s cleaning and maintenance needs, the company is always helping their local community by donating services and providing fundraisers for greater causes, such as non-profit organizations and schools. To learn more, visit Splash Car Wash.

What Are Some Final Thoughts to Keep in Mind for a Clean Car? 

Remember, keeping your car well-cleaned and maintained will help it last and run properly for a longer period of time. Most importantly, it will keep it safe and keep you driving happily without any distractions that could cause an accident. Visit Splash today for a full car wash, detailing services and a checkup.