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A clean vehicle is something a lot of places can offer, but there is more to vehicle excellence than simply having your car washed. You need an experience that provides the exact kind of clean both your car and your schedule deserve. Whether you prefer to do the work yourself or have a team of professionals do it for you, Splash has you covered.

Solid Clean on a Schedule

With your busy schedule, you may not have time to go through your vehicle to ensure everything is orderly and clean. That’s when you can trust your car or truck to the team of professionals at Splash. Operating as a cohesive unit, they will ensure your vehicle’s cleaning excellence in a timely fashion. Your time is valuable, and at Splash your time is respected.

The Basics

Sometimes you have precious little time for all but the most basic service. When seconds count, Splash offers an outside only ride-through cleaning option. Your vehicle will be thoroughly sprayed and wiped by an automated system that takes only a few minutes to complete its work. You never even have to get out of your vehicle and can spend the few minutes relaxing or handling other things from the comfort of your car. Afterward, you drive right off to whatever comes next.

Complete Package

Splash also allows you to choose from a variety of advanced services for your vehicle. Whether you have VIP clients to impress, drive for a rideshare service, or your vision of excellence is simply to know that every surface of your vehicle is just right, Splash can meet your need. Clean & Shine service makes certain that if a surface can shine, it will. This is a “no dirt left behind” solution to your cleaning desires. Every part of your car will reflect that you are a person of excellence and that no detail escapes your attention. You may have more important things to focus on than your vehicle’s cleanliness, and Splash can free up your mind for making the big decisions in life.

You can also choose the option of having your vehicle waxed. Your vehicle’s excellence is reflected in a wax application that is specially formulated to reduce water spots, water penetration, and mud splattering for several months. Applying wax properly can be a difficult and time-consuming task. So why not let Splash handle this portion of your vehicle maintenance so you can relax and focus on bigger things. Trusting Splash lets you know that your car’s excellence is assured by a quality team of professionals.

Handling Things Personally

Perhaps you have a love of doing it yourself, and would never want anyone else touching your pride and joy. This is perfectly okay. Splash supports enterprising go-getters with a complete setup of auto cleaning tools. When you love to put in the work so that your vehicle looks precisely the way you want, Splash is a perfect choice. Everything is guaranteed to work, and all you need to get your vehicle spotless and pristine is included. This is also a great option for folks on a budget since every dollar counts.

The Inside That Counts

When your vehicle’s fluids are not performing up to a standard of excellence, your image and your ability to get around may both be compromised. You can trust the experience of Splash to ensure your vehicle’s fluids will be tended to. In addition, Splash will make sure your wipers and tires are in proper working order for many miles to come. When you leave Splash, your vehicle will look and perform at its very best.