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Automatic Car Wash VS. Hand Washing | Splash
Automatic VS Hand Wash

Your car represents a lot more than just a means of getting you from one point to the other. It reflects your personality and interests. As you choose the best gasoline for optimal extension of the life of your engine or purchase superior seat covers to protect your upholstery, you shouldn’t neglect the critical task of keeping your vehicle clean.

Most people are in the questionable habit of cleaning their car at home. Before hauling out that bucket and sponge, you need to be aware that improper hand washing can cause extensive damage to your car’s exterior.  For instance, the wrong kind of soap or sponge can dull the color while the dirt and grit clinging to your vehicle’s paint can cause scratches. Inappropriate hand washing can also lead to grime build up over time, which can cause corrosion. This is where an automated car wash at the Splash comes in handy as explained below.

Gentleness on the Body Paint

An automated car wash is inherently designed to be gentle. The conventional hand wash at home often involves the use of hard brushes that ultimately destroy the paint job. Conversely, the Splash community has trained professionals who employ state-of-the-art equipment and techniques that will get the job done without causing any damage to your car’s exterior.

Time, labor and Cost Efficiency

An automated carwash involves the use of modern technology that is designed to save energy, water and time. Conversely, the handwashing method quickly depletes your energy, which could mean poor performance of the rest of your daily duties. You might also not be able to efficiently remove the dirt and dust from your car’s body if you are tired. On the other hand, taking your vehicle to the Splash for a professional car wash will ensure efficiency by reaching areas where your hands may not reach.

The professionals at the Splash community are reputed for using low amounts of water, which will ultimately help to cut costs. Nothing beats the feeling of getting your car washed in record time within five to ten minutes.

Thorough Coverage

The modern automated car wash at the Splash entails step by step cleaning. This makes it less likely that any parts of your vehicle will get overlooked during the cleaning process.

When is Hand Washing a Better Option?

Looking at both strategies, it is evident that automatic washing is more ideal for the majority of vehicles. However, there are particular car brands, especially luxury cars, for which a hand wash is ideal to give them that gleaming appearance. If you need the cleaning specialists at the splash to pay specific attention to details, you could instruct them to hand wash your car.

Besides, some circular motion of the scrubbers and brushes employed by automatic car wash could prove abrasive over time. If done incorrectly, an automated car wash can leave watermarks on your vehicle. Thus, the overall result could be less appealing. A good professional hand wash is sufficiently gentle to protect your paint. This is in addition to ensuring that from bumper to headlights your car comes back sparkling.

Although proper car wash could appear to be solving merely an aesthetic problem, a vehicle having a lackluster exterior depreciates in value very fast. Since you have invested heavily to ensure the smooth running of your vehicle, you will want to further protect your investment by getting a professional car wash, whether automated or otherwise. Getting your car professionally cleaned is not only suitable for the vehicle; it is also good for the environment.

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