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In a Hurry? Splash Car Wash Will Get You Clean Fast!

You have a critical appointment or a hot date, and you rush outside, only to find your vehicle looking disastrous. Fortunately, you still have approximately 10 minutes to repair the situation, but where do you start? You might think about cleaning some sections of the car. However, this will only serve to draw attention to […]

How to Know When Your Transmission Oil Needs Changed

Transmission fluid is important for the overall performance of your vehicle. It prevents wear and tear by cooling and lubricating components in your transmission system. Here are some critical signs that it’s time to have your transmission fluid replaced. Hard Use of Vehicle Like other automotive fluids, your transmission oil deteriorates over time. Hard use, such […]

A Clean Car is a Happy Car! | Visit Splash Today

There is nothing better than going for a ride in a well-cleaned car. The less clutter in a car the fewer distractions a driver will have when on the road to getting wherever it is they need to go. If you haven’t given your car a deep cleansing in awhile it is time to do […]

Car Needs? We are Here for You! | Clean Car fast

There are many different needs that your car might require. Many of them are small, such as needing your car to be cleaned and detailed. Other times, your car might need legitimate repair work. Regardless of these varying levels of car needs, getting the right help is not as difficult as you might think. Basic Cleaning […]

Try our Interior Super Clean at Splash Car Wash

You probably spend a considerable amount of time in your car. No matter how hard you try to keep your vehicle’s interior super clean, stains from coffee spills, weird smudges appear on your windows and dirt accumulates on your carpets. This ultimately leaves your car looking like a disaster area. However, a trip to Splash Car […]

Splash Offers Windshield Wiper Blades! | Clean Car Fast

Having a clean vehicle is not just about making sure you take it into Splash every so often to get it washed and detailed. The most important step in keeping your car clean is keeping it functioning well. Part of keeping your vehicle in peak condition is to keep functional windshield wiper blades pumping away. […]

In Need of a Tire Rotation? We’ve Got You Covered!

Despite how it might seem, tires do not wear the same while driving. This can lead to some handling problems over time and even cause your vehicle to drift one way or another, although there are a few other reasons why your vehicle might be drifting. To extend the life of your tires and to ensure that […]

Have a motorcycle, RV, boat or other detail need? | Splash

One of the sad realities about our newest and shiniest things is that they almost right away begin to lose their luster. You may take perfect care of your RV, boat, motorcycle or classic car, but every time you take these things out, they are invariably going to begin to show wear. Even look at […]

Splash Serves it’s Community | Committed to Our People

One of the best things about a company is their community involvement and the relationships they form with those in their neighborhood. You don’t need to be a Fortune 500 name or a huge brand to make a big difference on a local level. That is why the team at Splash Car Wash has earned […]

Want Some Extra Shine? | Get a Wax at Splash!

Nothing is more capable of complementing your vehicle’s paint job like an impeccably applied layer of wax. With the end of winter, it is expected that you want to get your car back onto the road in a perfect condition. Even if your paint is in good condition, you will want to achieve a high-gloss luster, […]