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Reduce Fading Paint | Wash Your Car | Clean Car Fast

Many times we wash our cars just to get rid of the dirt. In fact, most drivers stopping at Splash Car Wash are usually just interested in getting their drive sparking clean before hitting the road. Little do they know that every simple wash also helps reduce fading of paint! Wait, washing reduces paint fading? […]

Sticky Stains on Your Seats? | Car Cleaning Services at Splash

When was the last time you had your car professionally cleaned? When you did, were you satisfied with the results? We often taken our cars for granted, using them to get from one place to the next without much attention to the upkeep. We may change the oil, keep the tires filled with air, but […]

Automatic Car Wash VS. Hand Washing | Splash

Your car represents a lot more than just a means of getting you from one point to the other. It reflects your personality and interests. As you choose the best gasoline for optimal extension of the life of your engine or purchase superior seat covers to protect your upholstery, you shouldn’t neglect the critical task […]

Prevent Rust | Wash Your Car in the Winter | Splash

Is rust something you should tolerate on your car? Probably not – all it can do is cause your vehicle harm. Car owners who want to preserve the value, look and longevity of their vehicle need to take rust seriously. Here are some practical ways to prevent rust from degrading your vehicle. Why Rust Happens (Especially […]

Dirty, Salty Roads Can Make Your Vehicle Unnoticeable | Splash

As the beautiful winter snow turns to a dirty gray, you’re left driving in a combination of mushy, melting gray slush and salt left in the streets from plow trucks and city vehicles. Salt helps to melt the ice and keep the roads drivable, yet it can do a number on your vehicle. It’s more than just something that […]

A New Car Wash in Northwest Arkansas is Causing a Splash!

Your car is a precious asset, and you’ll want to keep it looking its best. Seeking a reputable car cleaning company in Northwest Arkansas is central to accessing full-service auto detailing and car wash services. Splash Car Wash will provide you with these services, and more! Available services include gentle, professional hand washing and detailing […]

Your Car Will Thank You | Trust Us | Splash Car Wash

Many people think that washing our cars is something we all just do for looks. This could not be further from the truth. Your car is a complex piece of machinery that you use outside almost every day and in all kinds of weather – it gets very, very dirty, and if you leave it that […]

Express Lube Services Offered at Splash | Clean Car Fast

Finding a full-service facility operated by skilled technicians is not always a walk in the park. This is where the Splash community comes in handy; our well-trained staff employs the latest technologies in taking care of both new and late-model cars. In our facilities, you’ll have access to a wide range of oil grades, from the increasingly popular […]

Come Visit Splash! | 1720 Landers Rd Benton, AR 72015

Most people don’t wash their cars as often as they should, which can lead to bad impressions. If you go rolling into work with a car that looks disheveled on the outside, people may begin to whisper behind your back. Don’t make a bad impression with a dirty car; come on and get it cleaned […]

Hard Work and Great Attitude is the Reason Customers Come Back

The key to a successful business is no mystery. You need to work hard, provide a valuable service at a reasonable price, and leave your customers feeling like they want to come back again. In fact, one of the most important things for any business to do is to leave a lasting positive impression. People come into your business because […]