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Dirty, Salty Roads Can Make Your Vehicle Unnoticeable | Splash
Car Wash Services in NWA

As the beautiful winter snow turns to a dirty gray, you’re left driving in a combination of mushy, melting gray slush and salt left in the streets from plow trucks and city vehicles. Salt helps to melt the ice and keep the roads drivable, yet it can do a number on your vehicle. It’s more than just something that makes your vehicle unattractive; if you don’t wash your car on a regular basis in the winter months, the snow, ice and salt can cause rust on your car. A rusty vehicle runs into more problems, sees a drop in resale value, and starts to look just as gray and dreary as the winter days. That’s exactly why you need to bring your vehicle in for routine washes every few weeks, even more frequently during heavy snow winters. At Splash, you have access to a number of car wash options, so stop by today and restore the look of your vehicle.

Car Wash Services

Your car wash choice comes down to the amount of time you want to invest into it. Sometimes you just don’t have much time in the day for a car wash, yet you want to remove the dirt and salt residue from winter driving. An express ride-through wash is your solution; it’s quick and effective. Plus, with the undercarriage feature of the wash, you’ll rest assured knowing salt deterioration is a thing of the past. This is also just one of the ways Splash takes care of your set of wheels that other service providers in the area miss out on.

Beyond the express ride-through, there is a 15-20 minute, full-service super clean. With this service, you’ll not only have the exterior of the car cleaned, but the interior is vacuumed, windows are washed, the dash is wiped down and the wheels are cleaned and shined.

If you are more of a hands-on individual, Splash also has several self-service bays. You will have access to the best equipment for washing your vehicle. This way, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you cleaned your vehicle before driving off to work, returning home, or setting out anywhere else.

Full Detailing Options

Maybe your car is extra dirty, you are going to be driving friends or family members, or you just want to take it the extra mile and make sure it looks as great as the day you drove it off of the lot. If that’s the case, look into the detailing express services available. This service offers you a complete makeover and it is great for protecting your set of wheels from the dangers of winter road salt as well. Beyond the regular car wash, the full detailing service will clean your carpets, seats and wheels while also offering a wax on your car, truck or SUV. The wax helps extended the life of your paint job by preventing the build up of salt residue from the road. You’ll always have a clean car with Splash.

Throughout the year it is important to stay on top of keeping your car clean. There may be no more important time than during the winter months. While removing dirt and other debris from a dirty car is one thing, the road salt, if not cleaned off, will damage your vehicle. So take matters into your own hands and bring your vehicle into Splash today. With several neighborhood locations, you’re always just a short drive away. For car wash services, detailing and a host of other automotive options, feel free to stop by or give Splash a call at your earliest convenience.