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When you’re a youngster, it’s easy to imagine all of the things that you want for the holidays. As you get older, though, holiday gift-giving becomes less about what you want and more about what you need. Wishes for toys and games give way to hope for items that are more practical and that you can actually use. However, many people still try to buy gifts that are “fun,” even though they are likely to end up just sitting on a shelf, or worse, in the trash can.

This year, don’t waste your money gifting sweaters that will never get worn or candies that will never get eaten; give the gift of a car wash instead! Here’s why a car wash is the perfect gift for your friends and family this year.


Just about everyone feels the financial crunch around the holidays. Because so many of the gifts we wind up getting each year will likely fall into disuse, we often wind up having to return or exchange them. During the hectic holiday period, this can end up costing more in time and effort than the gift was ever worth in the first place. Show your gift recipients that you appreciate their time and value their friendship by gifting a car wash instead.


Let’s face it: washing a car in the winter is just not as simple as it is in the summer. Unfortunately, though, cars continue to get dirty all year long. During the winter, you have to contend with dirt, sleet, snow, salt and other debris, which can become caked into the wheel wells and other areas of your car. If you give a car wash as a gift, your friends and family can get these matters taken care of and keep their cars looking great all season long!


Anyone who drives know how badly their cars can fall into disrepair during the winter. Getting a car wash makes sense, but we often just put it off in lieu of other expenses. If you take the time to get a gift certificate for a wash for your friends and family, they will be able to use it whenever they need, regardless of their current financial situation. Best yet, the car wash as a gift can be one of the best-valued gifts in your arsenal. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get huge returns in appreciation from your gift recipients.


We all love our cars, even if they give us major headaches from time to time. So, making your friends’ and family members’ cars look great by giving car washes for the holidays can be enjoyable for the both of you! You get to see their lovely car, and they get to know that their car will keep that luster looking great throughout the season. Best yet, if you give a gift pack of 12 washes or more, they can keep their cars looking fabulous all year long!

As one of the best spots for dirty cars in Central Arkansas, Splash is your car washing headquarters! We have many locations throughout the region, and we can keep your car looking great all year long. Even better, giving the gift of great car washes can be the beginning of a new holiday trend with you at the forefront of cool! Your whole cadre of friends and family can roll around with the best looking cars in town! Stop by one of our many locations today to pick up all the gift cards you’ll need to be the best gift-giver around this year.