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Hard Work and Great Attitude is the Reason Customers Come Back
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The key to a successful business is no mystery. You need to work hard, provide a valuable service at a reasonable price, and leave your customers feeling like they want to come back again. In fact, one of the most important things for any business to do is to leave a lasting positive impression. People come into your business because they need a service and they value your contributions to their lives. Your customers not only like the service that they get, but they appreciate the value that your service provides.

This has been our mission at Splash Car Wash since the very beginning. Washing your car isn’t rocket science, but Splash goes above and beyond to really connect with customers. If you have never been through before, or you just never considered your neighborhood Splash before, here are a few of the different ways we approach car washing in general — and washing your car in particular — with a great attitude.

Washing: Our car washes can be had one of two ways. For the quick wash, you can use our very thorough drive-thru wash. This will get your car clean and has certainly been a mainstay for our business over the last two decades. But if you have a few extra minutes or you want your car to get that extra bit of love, our full-service car wash will really show off our staff’s great attitude and genuine love of your car. It may take a couple of extra minutes, but you will appreciate the enthusiasm with which our staff approaches your exterior, interior, dash, and windows. Furthermore, you will get a complete vacuuming of the inside of your car and it will feel showroom new when you drive away!

Detailing: Another thing that often tends to get neglected in your day-to-day car care are the fine details. You can rest assured that our detailing services will go the extra mile to make sure your car sparkles. Express detailing goes even further than our full service cleaning package and includes:

  • Hand applied wax to your car
  • Deep steam cleaning your seats and mats (leather seats get a cream protectant)
  • Stain removal
  • Steam clean and shine to all of the cracks and surfaces inside your car

Ask any of our staff about the detailing services, and they will be more than happy to go over your specific car and explain exactly how we can help.

Extras:  You don’t often associate an oil change with a car wash, but this is yet another way our top tier service and great attitude set us apart from any other car wash you will ever experience. We not only offer oil changes, but this also includes a 20-point inspection and topping off your fluids.  Please be sure to ask us about other other extra detailing options, which includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Clay bar treatment
  • Headlight restoration
  • Tar removal
  • Paint overspray removal

Having a car wash that goes above and beyond is what Splash Car Wash is all about. Many people have said that our great attitude is what keeps them coming back, and we are very appreciative for that! We will continue to offer the best service we can when cleaning your car, changing your oil, and taking precise care with your detailing. All that we ask is that you give Splash in Little Rock and Conway a chance; we know our great attitude and speedy, comprehensive service will earn us your continued business!