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Core Values | Car Wash Rogers, Arkansas

A carwash might not seem like the sort of place that ties a community together, but with solid, customer- and community-focused core values, that’s exactly what Splash aims to provide. For 20 years, our family-owned business has offered support to local people, as employees and community members. This is what sets us apart from other detail or oil service firms around Arkansas: we put people at the heart of everything we do. Sure, every business has a motivation to make money, but holding core values that ring true whether you’re a first time customer or someone we’ve served for two decades certainly helps.

Making Customers Happy

Our top priority is making customers happy by providing them with a convenient, fun experience and excellent service. We make our customers happy with ongoing updates to our state-of-the-art equipment. People know they will get the best possible carwash from our services, ensuring a sparkling clean ride. Our carwash is reliable if you need your vehicle looking shiny right away. We are open throughout the year, so you know you can count on us to get things clean whatever the weather. Our annual Christmas card promotion also helps spread happiness to our customers and their families.

Treating Workers Like Family

We are a family-owned-and-operated carwash, and we treat our workers like family members. Most of our employees are locals. We value their work, which is why we provide training and focus on promoting internal staff. We are able to build trust with employees by rewarding them for their good work. A business is only as strong as its staff, and we want our staff to enjoy coming to work and helping others. We like to show customers at our carwash that we have a professional, upbeat attitude and will go the extra mile for them.

A master detailer trains all of our detailing staff, because we want to make sure you get the best possible service. We believe in high quality and put great care into our work. Detailers are happy to put in the effort to give your vehicle a professional finish. Whether you need your car cleaned for business or pleasure, we treat it with the same level of attention. While some companies make outside investments, we invest in our employees show our commitment to providing quality service.

Creating Community Value

By giving back to the community, we are able to feel even better about our purpose. We donate services to schools, churches, and community organizations raising money for important causes. We provide a free carwash for oil change customers, helping you save money on maintenance. We clean cars inside and out, and want that to be a pleasant experience for everyone involved. Helping the community is one of our most treasured core values because a healthy, happy society inspires people to help others.

We also believe in helping the environment, because businesses, like consumers, have a responsibility to protect the environment, so we take proactive measures to provide eco-friendly solutions:

  • We recycle 70% of our water;
  • We also use efficient motors; and,
  • We heat with recycled used oil.

Our longevity and commitment to the community are a big part of our identity, setting us apart from the competition. Serving ten locations in Arkansas, we provide experienced professionalism in auto detailing and beyond. Once you’ve experienced the Splash difference, you’ll be visiting us to help your car sparkle throughout the year. Stay tuned for more information on our two new locations in Rogers, and Benton, Arkansas!