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In a Hurry? Splash Car Wash Will Get You Clean Fast!
Car Wash Services

You have a critical appointment or a hot date, and you rush outside, only to find your vehicle looking disastrous. Fortunately, you still have approximately 10 minutes to repair the situation, but where do you start? You might think about cleaning some sections of the car. However, this will only serve to draw attention to how dirty the rest of the vehicle is! The best solution for your problem is taking your car to the Splash Car Wash for a quick fix.

If you are ready to roll up your windows and allow the knowledgeable attendants armed with advanced machinery at Splash Car Wash execute the cleaning work, you will be on your way to that important meeting in no time. From their dynamic, clear coat rinse, and undercarriage wash to the foaming presoak, no matter which car wash option you choose will effectively take care of your automobile from top to bottom.

One-Stop Service Shop

When you have a busy schedule, it is very easy to push your car’s maintenance, not to mention car wash to the back of your to-do list. What if there was a possibility of combining the two chores to save time? At Splash Car Wash, you will have the solution! The trained technicians at this facility will provide you with a full-service car wash, detail service, plus lube and oil service in a single visit. This will make it easier for you to maintain your car and keep it clean, ensuring that it looks great in addition to running smoothly. The professionals at this facility can also provide you with customized services to suit your specific needs, which has made them a local favorite. Whether you require oil change coupled with a quick car wash or detailing, these technicians are adequately skilled to handle everything.

  • Express Detailing – Although custom detailing is important, especially when you have the time, express detailing comes highly recommended for people in a hurry. In approximately 30 minutes, the talented detailers at the Splash Car Wash will go through your entire vehicle, cleaning every corner and the more noticeable areas. This dedicated team will do a great job in spite of the limited time, leaving you with clean floors and seats while removing small bits of French fries from the tiniest crevices.
  • Oil Change and Express Wash – Nothing beats the convenience of getting a car wash and oil change in one location. This will save you the trouble of driving around town trying to get your vehicle in great shape. The technicians at the Splash Car Wash can handle all vehicle makes and models because of their many years of experience. They will quickly remove any dirt and grime from your vehicle’s exterior using a high-tech wash that employs the best quality soaps and brushes. This non-abrasion method gets your car clean without risk. Afterwards, air is utilized to blast the water off, allowing you to drive off with a clean, dry car in minutes.

Do you have a tight schedule but want to drive a well-maintained and clean vehicle? We got you covered! At the Splash Car Wash, we attend to numerous clients who just don’t have sufficient time to commit to their vehicles. Regardless of the kind of services you require, our primary focus is to help you keep your vehicle sharp while getting you in and out expediently. The best part is, we take care of your car as if it was our own. Contact the Splash Car Wash today to learn more about the right plan for you.