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In Need of a Tire Rotation? We’ve Got You Covered!
Tire Rotation | Splash

Despite how it might seem, tires do not wear the same while driving. This can lead to some handling problems over time and even cause your vehicle to drift one way or another, although there are a few other reasons why your vehicle might be drifting. To extend the life of your tires and to ensure that you always have the best traction possible, you need to rotate your tires regularly. Don’t worry; there’s no need to plan special auto maintenance simply for tire rotation. The next time you’re stopping in to have your vehicle washed or the oil changed, the team at Splash can also carry out the tire rotation for you. This way, there’s less you need to worry about while out on the road.

Tires Do Not Wear Evenly

The biggest reason why you need to regularly rotate your tires is because your tires do not wear evenly. For example, when you make a right turn and your vehicle is front-wheel drive, the front tire will wear more on the outside of the tire, while the front left tire will wear more on the inside. It might seem like this would even out when considering left-hand turns, but you perform more right-hand turns than left-hand turns.

Additionally, your front tires are what turn, while the rear tires remain stationary. Due to this, the front tires see the most amount of difference in terms of wear. In order to keep the front and rear wheels wearing the same, it is necessary to rotate all four tires. Of course, if you have a truck or other larger SUV where the rear tires are slightly larger than the front, only the front two tires will rotate with each other. Regardless, though, regular tire rotation helps maintain a steady wear and extends the life of your tires while also ensuring that you have the highest level of traction possible.

Tire Rotation During Other Services

There’s really no reason for you to bring your vehicle into a shop just to have your tires rotated. The fact of the matter is rotating your tires takes only a few moments. Do you really want to drive in for a service that takes maybe a minute or two? Instead, it’s much better to take care of a few different maintenance needs at the same time. You can bring your vehicle in for other servicing, such as an oil change, and then have your tires rotated while you’re there. By utilizing the services offered by Splash in this way, you can take care of two different maintenance requirements without having them take any additional time to carry out. After these services, you’ll be ready to go out on the road in no time.

Vehicle Type Doesn’t Matter

It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you own either. Whether you have a full-size pickup, a sub-compact coupe or anything else in between, tire rotation still matters. Each Splash location is able to address your tire rotation needs on the spot.

In order to keep your vehicle running as effectively and efficiently as possible, you do need to regularly conduct a handful of maintenance services, including tire rotation. It doesn’t take too much time to carry out, and at Splash, you can have your tires rotated following a car wash or during an oil change. So, if you’re looking for tire rotation services, have questions on some of the other services provided or you want to schedule an appointment, now is the perfect time to reach out and give Splash a call today.