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Unlimited Wash | Car Wash

Splash now offers an unlimited wash program, allowing you to keep your vehicle clean all year long for a low monthly rate. This is a great savings, and also allows you to keep your car working better for a longer time and can even be better for your own health. If you value your vehicle, the unlimited wash program is a great value.

Cleanliness and Newness

A cleaner vehicle looks neater and newer, which is good for your overall disposition. When your car is covered in dirt and road grime, it can be hard to tell if there are other problems because the dirt is distracting. Further, when a driver has dirt covering their car, it can actually affect their attitude about their property and their general mood. The winter time in particular is gloomy and gray, which can lead to people feeling worse emotionally. You can use your unlimited wash from Splash to push back against negativity during the winter season.

No Dirt Damage

Dirt particles are often simply small broken off pieces of rocks and pebbles along the road. This is in situations where they are not simply small flecks of salt, which is itself a type of rock. Without regular washing, your car will become damaged as this grime builds up and abrades the vehicle surface. Dirt scratches your paint, which can allow contaminants access to more sensitive layers of the car. In turn, this damage can lead to rust developing on your car. By cleaning off the road dirt and debris regularly with an unlimited wash, you can spare yourself this costly damage.

Drive Safer

Every transparent or reflective surface on your car would ideally be clean all of the time. Each of these surfaces is there to aid visibility, which allows you to safely navigate the roads. It is unwise to presume other vehicles can see you if road salt is covering everyone’s windows. When your car is routinely washed, you have full visibility to see ahead of you, and in your vehicle’s periphery. This can help you avoid harmless fender benders, as well as very dangerous collisions. Remember ice and water on the road can compromise traction, which means seeing a threat before it is too close can make a lot of difference.

Keeps Illness Down

Winter time is the cold and flu season. While you may not touch your car very often, keeping things you do touch, like door handles, clean makes a difference in the spread of illness. Every surface in your life that is clean reduces your likelihood of spreading illnesses. Your family is equally vulnerable, and regular vehicle washing can reduce their likelihood of becoming sick. If one member of your household takes ill, everyone else is more likely to become sick. By using Splash’s unlimited wash program, you increase your family’s chances of having a healthier winter.

Better Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency may not seem impacted by vehicle dirt, but it is. Normally, your car’s paint is smooth. As it becomes coated in road dirt, each particle slightly drags against the air as your car moves. This increased wind resistance means your engine has to work harder to propel your vehicle, which reduces your fuel efficiency.

Get Splash’s unlimited wash program. It will save you money per wash, allow your family to stay healthier and make the winter season that much more bearable despite the grayness and grime.