Splash Car Wash offers Express Detailing as well as additional detail services. See below for details.

Express Detail Services

These additional services can be done during the Interior Super Clean process without additional time! These services are available at ALL locations.

Ceramic Spray Coating $25
(includes tax)
After our thorough exterior wash process we apply a spray coating that uses ceramic technology to produce enhanced water beading and long-lasting shine. This coating also provides UV protection and provides a durable layer of protection.
Interior Shine $25
(includes tax)
After the light cleaning of our Interior Super Clean; the dash, door panels and console area of your vehicle have a protectant hand-applied to nourish and protect the interior of your vehicle.
Leather Treatment $25
(includes tax)
A leather cleaner and conditioner is used to cleanse and rejuvenate leather seats, keeping your interior looking new.

Full Service Detail

ONLY available at our JFK location.

Wax Seats Carpets & Mats Clean & Shine
A wax is applied by hand to enhance the shine of your vehicle and to provide a layer of protection for the clear coat. Steam is used to bring out the dirt and some light stains trapped in your leather or cloth seats. Leather seats also get a cream protectant. Steam is used to remove dirt that is trapped in your carpets and mats. Steam is used to clean down in the cracks and crevices of your dash, cup holders and door panels. Afterward, a protectant is applied to these areas.
Add $5/service for small SUV or add $10/service for large SUV

These prices are based on normal conditions for a small car. Costs may vary for vehicles with special needs or conditions.

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