Go Soapy, Not Sappy This Valentine's Day

Give Your Honey a Gift That Lasts

Go Soapy, Not Sappy This Valentine's Day

Give Your Honey a Gift That Lasts

Tired of Giving the Same Ol' Boring Gifts?

Teddy bears, chocolates, and flowers are fine, but let’s be real. That teddy bear is going straight to the storage closet after Valentine’s Day is over. Those chocolates? Sure, they taste good in the moment, but then you’re just left with a heart full of wrappers headed for the trash. And flowers have a lifespan of a week, maybe ten days tops if you use the packet of flower food they send with you. The point is all these gifts are short-lived and probably don’t fully encapsulate how much you love and appreciate your partner.

Be the MVP of V-Day

We know what you’re thinking. “Come on, guys, carwashes are not romantic.” And maybe you’re right! But you know what is romantic? Saving your partner time and energy. Especially if they’re a car lover! That’s why we offer three months of our unlimited subscriptions bundled into one easy transaction. Here are four little reasons why they’ll L-O-V-E a Splash Unlimited Membership:

Lots of locations all around Arkansas.

So your partner can keep their car clean wherever they go.

Only the highest quality soaps & products.

To protect their vehicle against the elements.

Variety of wash options.

Like our Interior Super Clean package that includes Best Wash & Express Interior Detailing, so their car stays in tip-top shape inside and out.

Easy online set-up and checkout.

So they can get washin’ immediately, no paperwork needed.

Unlimited Package Options

The three-month bundle is available for all of our unlimited packages!


*Includes the Better Wash, plus:


*Includes the Good Wash, plus:


*Includes the Basic Wash, plus:


Ready to Share the Love?

Skip the boring, the sappy, and the straight-up gift fails *cough gym membership cough* this Valentine’s Day. Go soapy instead!

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