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Splash into Fun with Your Family | New NWA Locations Coming Soon!
Splash into Fun with Your Family

Splash is a car wash that goes beyond washing cars. The team at this car wash believes in family and are active in the communities they serve.  Not only is this a car wash, but Splash offers extensive services in detailing and other car services.  At our two new locations we will be offering some of the services mentioned below:

Wash Packages

Splash offers different wash packages based on how much detail you want to be done on your vehicle.  Your car will sparkle with each choice and the family atmosphere will be a relaxing break in your day.  Splash locations offer self-service, full service, and express ride through for your quick wash during a busy day.

  • Interior Super Clean
  • Best
  • Better
  • Good
  • Basic


Splash welcomes you to try out one of their professional detailing services, which will enhance the look and life of your car.  While you wait enjoy the family environment and great customer service from the well-trained employees that are dedicated to the details and listening to customer expectations.  Splash detailing services are great after a road trip with the kids, they offer steam cleaning, wax and clean and shine.

Express Lube

Who doesn’t love getting more than one thing done at a time!  When you bring your vehicle into Splash you can enjoy a wash, a detail, and get your oil changed.  When they check your oil you will also get your lights and tires checked as a bonus. Splash has different levels of oil services, which include synthetic blend, high mileage and full synthetic.

Other Services

The most convenient part about services at Splash locations are the services they offer that you normally wouldn’t see at a car wash location.  Get your tires rotated, replace those wiper blades and have your air filters checked.  The family-oriented staff at Splash is ready to answer your questions about your car and help keep it in good running condition.  They have an extensive menu of extra services that they can add on while you wait for your wash and detail.

Environmentally Aware

The teams at the Splash locations are socially responsible and care about saving resources.  They use 70% recycled water, heat with recycled oil and use energy efficient motors.  This family-owned business contributes to the community by caring about its people with responsible maintenance and care for their impact on the public.

If you are in Arkansas and find yourself with a dirty car, visit Splash online to find a location near you. Splash will be opening up two new locations in Rogers, Arkansas and in Benton, Arkansas. When you arrive you will find a family-oriented business that values community and takes pride in quality work with state-of-the-art equipment.