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Splash is Excited for the Move to Northwest Arkansas | New Neighbor
Splash Car Wash NWA

How often has it been that you have a dirty car or truck but you simply don’t have the time to do the cleaning yourself? Or what about that pesky oil change light that keeps coming on seemingly too soon for you to appreciate? There’s a new neighbor in town and Northwest Arkansas can rejoice at the addition of Splash!

For folks who’ve spent any time at all in Central Arkansas over the past 20 years can attest; Splash is the de facto car wash spot in and around the area. They have so many locations and the fact that they are moving into Northwest Arkansas as they are celebrating their third decade in the state should show you their commitment to service and the utility of a place like Splash. If you have never been to their locations in Little Rock or Conway, here’s a quick look at some of the services¬†Northwest Arkansas has to look forward to with Splash!

Carwash: There are several levels of car washes here at Splash, from the simple drive through auto-wash to a more detailed car washing which includes vacuuming and a thorough cleaning of your dash and wheels. If you are more of a self-reliant person or you would just like to try it you¬†can even pull into one of Splash’s self-service bays and take as long as you would like cleaning your car yourself!

Detailing: Another thing that can get lost in the fray of day-to-day life is the detailing of your car. Undoubtedly your car does not have that same luster as it did the day you drove it off the lot. But your friends at Splash can help you regain that confidence. Their detailing includes an express detailing for just a simple brush up, wax, interior cleaning and tackling some other smaller points to their more involved detailing services. If you have an old boat, RV, motorcycle or something else that you would like them to have a look at, bring it in! Splash does not discriminate; the bigger the challenge the better the reward for them and for you!

Express Lube: One more interesting thing that Northwest Arkansas will appreciate about Splash is that they offer an express lube oil change service. If you are just in a hurry and never have time to make it over to your car servicer then this express lube is a great option to keep your fluids topped off between services. Better yet you can combine your lube, oil change, car wash and detailing services all together and get everything accomplished in one simple visit.

You don’t want to neglect your car; you love your car and you need to show it some more love. Lucky for those in Northwest Arkansas there is a new neighbor coming to town who can help instill your car with that love that has been missing. Splash Car Wash, detailing and lube services is available to make your car look and feel brand new! Keep an eye on their web page or just keep your eyes peeled for their new location in Northwest Arkansas and you will soon appreciate just how convenient and great Splash can make you and your car feel again!