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Splash Serves it’s Community | Committed to Our People
Committed to the Community

One of the best things about a company is their community involvement and the relationships they form with those in their neighborhood. You don’t need to be a Fortune 500 name or a huge brand to make a big difference on a local level. That is why the team at Splash Car Wash has earned the reputation for being committed to serving those in their community.

You already know that for more than 20 years Splash Car Wash has been the name in outstanding car-cleaning services in and around Little Rock and Conway. You’ve probably enjoyed the professional results of their car washes, detail work, oil changes, and other cleaning amenities while taking advantage of one of their comfortable and convenient neighborhood locations. But have you heard that Splash Car Wash also gives back to their community?

Splash works with schools, local charities, non-profits, and other organizations by providing Splash gift cards at greatly discounted prices. These charities, schools, and other fundraising efforts that Splash hand selects will then have the opportunity to sell Splash Car Wash gift cards at face value ($25.00). Here’s the best part! Splash only takes 50% of the total ($12.50) while the fundraising group keeps the rest! This not only benefits the organization but also those who buy from them as they receive gift cards for outstanding car care services.

The team at Splash has raised thousands of dollars for scores of charities, helping many in local neighborhoods over the past decades. The community partnerships that have resulted have created personal and professional bonds on both sides, making Splash Car Wash a name not only synonymous with quality car care, but also with giving.

If you have another fundraising idea for your friends at Splash Car Wash, contact a team member today! Your idea could be the way that you and many others reach their fundraising goals in the coming months. Not a traditional school or charity? That’s okay. Talk to Splash about your organization and see how they can help!

Contact Splash Car Wash now to speak with someone regarding your fundraising efforts. You may also call their offices at 501-771-1352 and ask to speak with someone about the Splash fundraising opportunities available in your area. Don’t wait to become part of a partnership that will assist your organization and your community. Let Splash Car Wash help you by getting started with a fundraiser today!