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Sticky Stains on Your Seats? | Car Cleaning Services at Splash
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When was the last time you had your car professionally cleaned? When you did, were you satisfied with the results? We often taken our cars for granted, using them to get from one place to the next without much attention to the upkeep. We may change the oil, keep the tires filled with air, but from a cleaning perspective we’re usually lacking. Car seats are a susceptible area, getting hit with stains and nasty buildup over time.  Splash is here to help!

Car Seat Stain Causes

So many things can result in stains on your car seats. Drink spills are a common cause of stains. Ever drink coffee or a sports drink in the car on the way to work? It is commonplace for spills to occur and stains to appear on the car seats as a result.

Children in cars can also have food and drinks that end up spilled, staining the seats quite easily. Even dogs licking and such on the seats can lead to stains that are difficult to eliminate.

The Benefits of Cleaning

There are many benefits to properly cleaning car seats. The first is that you have a much cleaner looking car. The aesthetic difference between a clean vehicle and dirty one is impressive.

You also want to maintain the car and ensure it reaches its intended lifespan. Quality cleaning will help guarantee that, protecting the seats and keeping them functionally sound for years to come.

Hygiene also comes into play. A clean car seat is one that is even going to be free of germs, making your car a much more tame place from a bacteria build up viewpoint.

The Professional Difference

With Splash, you are seeking out a difference that a professional can bring to the table. We are a company in Arkansas with several locations, all with an expert team ready to detail and thoroughly clean those car seats.

All of our experienced team members are car wash professionals. We are a family company, taking pride in being state of the art and letting our cleaning efforts speak for themselves.

State of the Art Technology

When caring for your vehicle, you want state of the art technology bringing the assist. You can scrub car seats all day long, but if you do not have the right tools to clean the seats, it will do no good.

Our equipment at Splash is top of the line. We are able to reuse 70% of the water to make it a very eco-friendly process. We use recycled used oil for heating. Our energy efficient motors also reduce our carbon footprint.

Fight the Sticky Stains

You want to take it to the sticky stains that exist on your car seats. Just because you have gum stuck onto the seats, stains from drinks, etc., that does not mean it will be there forever. There are steps that you can take to get rid of those stains, and it begins with professional, high-quality car cleaning services.

The team we have at Splash is ready to use our top of the line equipment, technology to make a difference. We want to work to make your car seats look as good as the day you drove that vehicle off the lot. Stop scrubbing on your own and let the professionals assist in erasing car seat stains and rejuvenating your automobile.