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The Team at Splash is Excited to be Your New Neighbor!
Splash is coming to Rogers, Arkansas

One of the most wonderful things about living in sociable Arkansas is the opportunity to get to know and appreciate your neighbors. That includes, of course, businesses–they can be neighbors too. Residents of the Rogers and Benton communities will be super excited to learn that they’re about to get a new addition to the neighborhood: Splash Car Wash is moving in! Family-owned and operated for nearly two decades, Splash would like to get to know you (and your cars) better!

A Blast From the Past

If you’ve ever had your car washed in northwest Arkansas, you’re probably already familiar with Splash Car Wash. Maybe you’ve taken advantage of their quick oil change service or have been treated to a complimentary car wash at one of their many convenient locations. If so, then you know that Splash is all about giving great service at a great price. It’s that commitment to client satisfaction that makes them so successful. They’ll bring that same customer service philosophy with them to their new Rogers and Benton locations.

There’s No Time Like the Present

The professional team at Splash Car Wash wants you to know that you and your vehicle are extremely important to them—they’ll treat it like it’s their very own. No matter which service you choose (oil change, exterior car wash, interior detailing, etc.), you won’t need to worry because Splash will soon become a trusted member of your inner circle—a good friend and neighbor who cultivates your relationship, earns your trust and then keeps it. Splash has your back!

The Future” is Now, Neighbor!

The Splash insignia represents its many years of knowledge and experience in the car wash industry. The result is a solid reputation that only grows stronger with each and every expansion. Dedicated to being the best car wash it can be, Splash hopes to be the only shop you’ll go to for all your car-related needs—now and in the future.

Splash Car Wash realizes you have a choice about where to take your car to be washed, detailed and serviced, so they’ll go the extra mile to provide quality exterior and interior automotive services that are second to none. If you’ve never been to one of Splash’s locations or if it’s just been a little while, why not be a good neighbor and stop by to introduce yourself to the friendly Splash team. After you do, we invite you to ask yourself one simple question:

“How much does my car need a fresh coat of clean?”