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Want Some Extra Shine? | Get a Wax at Splash!
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Nothing is more capable of complementing your vehicle’s paint job like an impeccably applied layer of wax. With the end of winter, it is expected that you want to get your car back onto the road in a perfect condition. Even if your paint is in good condition, you will want to achieve a high-gloss luster, which depends significantly on how you apply the final layer of wax. This is where the Splash detailers come in handy.

Is Waxing Necessary?

Your car’s manufacturer-applied clear coat will often appear flawless and shiny when the vehicle is new. However, it will require a protective boost from waxing and the application of other protectants, like polymer and Teflon, over time. The idea behind the application of these protectants is to provide a surface layer that can handle abuse, which would otherwise cause extensive damage to your car’s clear coat. Besides, the car detailers at the Splash apply the wax correctly, which helps cover light blemishes and minor scratches on your car’s paint job.

Over time, oxidation, which occurs when oxygen and heat combine, will lead to the breakdown of even the most superior quality car paint. It is, therefore, imperative to have your car waxed at least twice a year. The frequency of waxing should be increased to three to four times a year if you live in an area that experiences intense sun exposure or where road salt is used.

Here is how the professionals at the Splash accomplish high-quality waxing.

Choosing High-Quality Supplies

The professionals at the Splash understand the importance of using superior quality shampoo on your car in addition to using other superior materials. They also employ a waxing cycle that includes rinsing your vehicle effectively. While water could bead on your windshield for one day, it will not provide you with real protection for your paint job. Conversely, wax, whether in paint or liquid form, will offer you a great shine and also tends to last longer. Besides, the Splash community is comprised of knowledgeable professionals who are capable of telling poor-quality and high-quality materials apart.

Moreover, these technicians will ensure that your car is freshly washed, rinsed and subsequently allowed to dry before applying wax. A thin layer of it is initially applied, and any excess is buffed off before repeating the process. The technicians take care not to over-apply the wax, since a thin application has a better chance of bonding and curing.

Using the Appropriate Tools and Techniques

The skilled car detailing specialists at the Splash understand the need to use cotton materials and sponges when applying and removing wax. This is because natural sponges usually contain dust, grime and grit, which will ultimately dull the coating of your car. When it comes to effective waxing, the skills of the technician perfuming this job will impact the final results. For instance, the detailing specialists at the Splash know better than to employ a swirling motion that often leaves streaks, which could appear on the finished product. In contrast, using straight lines will render travel marks harder to detect.

If you are looking to protect your car’s finish from the adverse effects of road debris and ultraviolet rays, you will want to have it waxed on a regular basis. Failure to occasionally apply wax and other protectants to your vehicle’s exterior finish will ultimately lead to deterioration of the clear coat that serves to protect the paint. This will, in turn, expose the paint to the damaging impact of road salt and oxidation, as well as other natural elements.