What We Do

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Summary of Services


Car Wash

We offer 4 different exterior carwash packages. We use Ceramic Technology in our chemicals to provide a clean, shiny, and dry vehicle. The Ceramic Technology enhances your vehicle's paint, protecting it from harsh UV rays, applying a glossy finish, and providing a spot-free, hydrophobic vehicle.

Unlimited Car Wash

Wash as many times a month as your heart desires without the price increasing. With plans starting at $15 a month, you can wash for less than $1 a day. You're able to "Go Unlimited" on all of our Exterior Washes, as well as our Interior Cleaning & Oil Changes. As a member, you receive 30% off oil changes, have a dedicated lane, and are enrolled for free in the Towel Exchange program. The best part... you're in control. No contracts or hidden fees.

Express Detailing

Our bread & butter is the Interior Super Clean. It includes:
  • 15 minute express detail
  • "Best" exterior wash
  • Compressed air to loosen debris from hard-to-reach areas
  • Quick, thorough vacuum of the entire vehicle
  • Quick, thorough wipe-down of interior surfaces
  • Inside & out of windows cleaned
  • Exterior towel dry
  • Rims & tires cleaned and shined by hand
  • We offer additional express detail services such as Leather Clean & Conditioning, a Spray Wax, and an Interior Shine.

Oil Changes & Other Vehicle Services

Our trained technicians give fast, professional service using oil and filters specifically designed to meet your car manufacturer’s specifications. Your oil change includes a 20-point inspection. We top off your other fluids and inspect your air filter and cabin air filter. In order to give your car the protection it needs, we offer regular fluid flushes and many other items such as wiper blades and tire rotation.


Wash Package & Service Descriptions

Not sure which wash is right for you? *Wash packages may vary by location
Below, you can easily see what each package includes and what it actually does. We use a ceramic chemical line in our wash tunnel, which is maximized when you choose our Best Wash or Interior Super Clean (All Inclusive Pass).

Did you know that washing regularly helps protect your paint from harsh UV rays?
At Splash, we use a ceramic chemical line that provides a layer of protection for the clear coat of your car. The more you wash, the more effect you’ll notice from the layering technology found in our ceramic products!
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