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Many people think that washing our cars is something we all just do for looks. This could not be further from the truth. Your car is a complex piece of machinery that you use outside almost every day and in all kinds of weather – it gets very, very dirty, and if you leave it that way for too long, the problems caused by that filth can become irreversible. Luckily, a quick, regularly-scheduled car wash can change all that. Here are just a few positive effects of keeping your car clean that can dramatically extend the lifespan of the vehicle.

Promotes Proper Care and Upkeep

It feels great when your car rolls straight out of the car wash looking newer, fresher and much nicer to sit in while you drive to your next destination – and when your car looks that good, you subconsciously value it more. A clean car is a better-maintained car. Think about it: when your car is filthy and neglected-looking, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal to let the little rips in the seat or the weird rattling noise in the engine wait a while, does it? Not so with a freshly washed vehicle. Those tiny imperfections can snowball into big problems before you know it, so anything that gets you to attend to them sooner is excellent for your car.

Makes Mechanical Problems Obvious

When your vehicle is dirty, it can be hard to tell what kind of condition it’s really in. Built-up dirt and residue can wear down car parts very easily, and may even help hide problematic parts by covering them up or sticking them in place despite their being loose. Cleaning your car (especially with car wash machinery that ensures a thorough clean) is like setting it back to a blank slate. When you have a clean vehicle, you can tell quickly when and why something is amiss. If there’s no discernible reason for the issue, it’s clear that it needs professional attention. No more guesswork is required, because you’ve removed one significant variable from the equation.

Prevents Rust

When winter hits, your vehicle is going to get coated in all kinds of road grime. Even when the temperatures are moderate, the threat of ice or snow can be enough to cause the community to coat the pavement in salt. This salt is corrosive, and not washing it off quickly can result in significant damage to your car. Once rust begins to develop on your car, it can be very hard to stop and even harder to remove. This corrosion not only looks bad, but it can also compromise the integrity of your car body and make even minor accidents far worse. Preventing rust from taking hold in the first place with regular trips to the car wash is the proactive way to fix this problem.

Reduces Accidents

Nothing shortens a car’s life more than being involved in an accident, no matter how minor it may seem. For both direct and indirect reasons, a dirty car is more likely have this problem than a clean one. For one, things like smudges on mirrors or mud caked over key parts of your windshield can reduce visibility and make it hard to stay safe on the road. For another, when your vehicle is dirty and disorganized, it can also impede your ability to think clearly. All the clutter around you is a distraction that takes extra mental effort to overcome, and that’s not good when you need to have all your attention on the task at hand. When your vehicle is squeaky-clean, your mind