Wherever Life Takes You, Drive Clean & Confident

Get that showroom look in minutes. 

Wherever Life Takes You, Drive Clean & Confident

Get that showroom look in minutes. 

The Splash Difference

Express Washing with License Plate Technology

Ceramic Chemical Line for Lasting Shine

Convenient to Add Interior Cleaning or an Oil Change

Our Wash Options


*Includes the Better Wash, plus:


*Includes the Good Wash, plus:


*Includes the Basic Wash, plus:


How We Define A Complete Wash

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Our 11-step carwash process ensure the most effective exterior clean so you can leave the dirty car look behind.

*This is a general carwash model, not an exact replica. Tunnel layouts and chemical applications can vary by location.

Presoak Detergent  Applied first in the wash tunnel to deliver unsurpassed cleaning power that loosens & lifts debris off the surface of your vehicle.

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Glacier Max Foam
Foam applied to lubricate the vehicle to allow for gently cleaning and removing dirt and debris.

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Volcano Lava Bath
Applied to penetrate dirt & oils to loosen and remove stubborn soils, minerals, and road salts.

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Undercarriage Rinse
Applied to the undercarriage of your vehicle to provide a thorough cleaning and protective coating to defend against corrosion-causing elements.

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Wheel & Tire Cleaner
Applied to your rims to effectively clean and polish your wheels and tires.

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Ceramic EverGloss Rinse
Applied for a long-lasting protective coating. This ceramic technology provides a superior high-gloss finish to your vehicle’s surface, making it easier to clean and dry.

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Ceramic Triple Foam Sealant
An additional layer of ceramic foam protection applied to your vehicle to provide longer-lasting, hydrophobic protection that aids in a drier car with a glossy finish.

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Ceramic EverGloss Protectant
A second coating of our Ceramic EverGloss is applied to your vehicle to provide ultimate protection and shine.

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Tire Shine
Applied to your tires at the end of your wash to add a protective coating and leave a lasting shine to your clean tires.

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How do ceramic coatings work?

Ceramic coatings provide UV protection and a more durable, long-lasting shield from weather, dirt, and pollen. Most importantly, the chemical polymers bond with your paint to enhance its strength and durability. Some other benefits of ceramic include:

Superior Shine, gloss, & clarity that lasts longer than other coatings
Protects paint from debris, making it harder to cling to the paint’s surface
Long lasting UV protection for your paint
Allows for easier cleaning
Smooth feel & polish
Hydrophobic water beading for faster, spot-free drying 

How We’re Helping the Environment

We recycle our water

Gallons of water saved per day

We use only biodegradable & eco-friendly detergents

Customer Reviews About Our Carwashes


Splash Car Wash in North Little Rock, AR is such as professional and wonderful organization. The employees are awesome. I put a lot of miles on my car on a daily basis and it is great keeping up with oil changes, tire rotations (when needed) and external car washes and interior cleaning several times a week. I do not know what I would do without them. Thank you.

Kayla J

Absolutely my top go to for my cars cosmetic needs. The staff are amazing people!

R.J. B

Best car wash in the rock. Alex the manager is a very welcoming and professional person. For a moment I thought he owned the place. I will keep bringing my business here.

Raul H

Car wash is very nice gets my jeep nice and shiny! There detail crew is awesome! And the convenience of an oil change with their package deals is incredible.

Kerrie J

Great place to get your car washed. They are friendly and eager to help and they make your car look perfect shine on and ride on…

Kathy T