Are you part of a team, club, school, or organization looking for a fundraiser? Look no further. A fundraiser with Splash is not your traditional carwash fundraiser. We offer a new and improved way to raise money. With our online platform, you skip the hassle and let Splash do the dirty work!

We give you a custom link to send out for your sales, a custom flyer and social media graphic to spread the word, and your very own sales dashboard so you can see your progress and get your money automatically! 

You send out a link. We do the rest.

Seriously. It's that easy.

Automatically get 50% Of all the carwashes you sell online.

Easily spread the word and make sales through social media, text, or email.

Track your progress in real-time with an accessible dashboard.

You don't have to actually wash any cars yourself. Need we say more?

How it works:

1. Fill out a fundraiser request. 2. Get all set up. 3. Start making money! 

Fill out your fundraiser request today and start raising cash for your cause.


We give back 50% of all your sales!

So soon. Once approved, it takes less than 24 hours to set up your custom fundraiser landing page.

It takes us about 1-5 business days to review your application.

We take pride in supporting causes and organizations that share our commitment to making a positive impact in the community, and we carefully evaluate each application to ensure that it meets our criteria. So while any organization is welcome to apply, we do prioritize those that share our values and mission.

You’ll set up a Stripe account to link to your bank account. Every seven days all the money you’ve raised will be automatically deposited into your account. There’s no waiting for the fundraiser to be over or waiting on a cut to be processed and cut!

You’ll receive a custom dashboard where you can view all the funds you’ve raised in real time! You’ll be able to see the progress you’re making toward your goal and even the amount of money each person on your team is raising!

Your supporters can use all major debit and credit cards from every country. They can even use Apple Pay!

Our signature Best Wash which includes Volcano Lava Bath, Undercarriage Wash, Ceramic EverGloss Protectant.

That’s not a problem. We’ve seen supporters from all across the country purchase carwash vouchers to send to relatives and friends nearby.

Everything is processed securely using Stripe who uses encryption to protect your data and are required to protect the security and confidentiality of personal data they process. Long story short, we never see or touch your personal information. We are only here to help you raise money the simplest way possible!

We wouldn’t recommend anything longer than two weeks! In fact, some of the best fundraisers are “flash” 24-hour fundraiser challenges. That may be an option to consider for your team!

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