Ceramic Chemical Line

Did you know that washing your car regularly helps protect your paint from harsh UV rays? At Splash, we use a ceramic chemical line that provides a layer of protection for the clear coat of your car. The more you wash, the more effect you’ll notice from the layering technology found in our ceramic products!

Have you been wondering what "ceramic" means and how it helps your vehicle? Look no further. Ceramic coatings provide UV protection and a more durable, long-lasting shield from weather, dirt, and pollen. Most importantly, the chemical polymers bond with your paint to enhance its strength and durability. Some other benefits of ceramic include:
Superior Shine, gloss, & clarity that lasts longer than other coatings
Protects paint from debris, making it harder to cling to the paint’s surface.
Long lasting UV protection for your paint
Allows for easier cleaning
Smooth feel & polish
Hydrophobic water beading for faster, spot-free drying

Ceramic Chemicals We Use:


Triple Foam Glacier™ Sealant with Ceramics -

A layer of ceramic foam protection applied to your vehicle to provide a longer-lasting, hydrophobic protection that aids in a dryer car with a glossy finish.

EverGloss™ Ceramic Protectant -

Applied for a long-lasting protective coating. This ceramic technology provides a superior high-gloss finish to your vehicle's surface, making it easier to clean and dry.

Proud partner of KO Manufacturing, Inc.

We have a great relationship with our chemical provider, KO Manufacturing. They are committed to providing us with a high-quality, environmentally friendly, ceramic chemical line.
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