Prepaid services and gift cards

All services are non-refundable after the service has been rendered. If dissatisfied, management may be contacted within 24 hours to request a complimentary re-do or wash credit.

Monetary refunds can only be made if the guest has paid but not received a wash (ex., a prohibited item is caught having already gone through the pay station).

Gift cards can be redeemed at Splash Car Wash and Oil Change sites. Refunds cannot be issued for gift cards or prepaid memberships.


Memberships are automatically charged monthly or annually and can be canceled at any time prior to the next billing date. If there is failure to cancel prior to your next billing cycle, Splash is not liable to refund the balance of an active user.

No prorated or partial refunds will be issued for lack of use. Once canceled, you may continue to wash through the remainder of your paid period.

Refunds for Unlimiteds that have been approved by a manager or customer service representative are subject to a limit of 60 billable days.

Any refunds totaling $100 or more will be issued via paper check.

Last updated: February 14th, 2024