The Power of Human Connection

“Good morning, Mr. Tilley!”, Alex hollers with a big smile accompanied with a wave. The sound of his own name and being known as he drives on the lot gives Mr. Tilley reason to smile, too. 

Alex Stewart, the Location Manager at Geyer Springs, has made up his mind to not only be excellent at washing cars, but to strive for excellence in the way he cares for and treats every single guest that stops in. 

Over the past few years, Alex’s phenomenal customer care has propelled his location to tripling it’s carwash volume. While the wash is great and the facility is kept clean, it’s the personal connection that Alex makes with every customer that has contributed to such phenomenal growth.

There isn’t a month that goes by that Alex’s customer service doesn’t receive public recognition through an online review.

“Alex has to be the hardest working man in the industry. There is not a time that I’ve visited and he wasn’t hustling to satisfy each and every customer and ALWAYS has a smile! WOOOO HOO! Thanks Alex!” said one customer in an online review.

When asked about his outlook on working at Splash, Alex responded, “I enjoy working for Splash because it allows me to engage with the community, provide a service of royalty, and to develop loyal customers through a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction

Come experience the Splash Difference by sharing a smile with Alex!